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15.600mAh Q6 wrap-around power bank

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15.600mAh Q6 wrap-around power bank


Don’t let a low battery bother you! Charge your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, musicplayer, etc. unbelievalby fast with the Q6 power bank featuring the intelligent and unique “shake”-design to indicate power quantity.

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Product Description

You can charge all your mobile devices incredibly fast with the Q6 power bank, which has a capacity of amazing 15600 mAh and a 2.1A output.
Just connect your device via the power bank’s USB output port and provide it with energy. The Q6 uses smart battery technology and knows exactly how much power your device requires. Your device receives the most efficient charge possible.
So whether you are charging a smartphone, tablet, gaming device, digital camera, etc., the Q6 will always deliver the quickest charge possible and will not cause overheating or damage to your device.
Checking the power quantity is quick and easy: No need to press any buttons, just shake the power bank gently forward and backward 60 degrees.
The Q6 power bank has a handy size and fits perfectly into your bag. Due to its special coating it has a frosted and quicksand feel to it.

Type: Li-polymer battery
Dimension:166mm x 76mm x 26 mm
Input:5V +/- 0.25V – 1A Max
Output:5V +/- 0.25V – 2.1Max 5V 1A
Power efficiency:90%
Operating temperature: -10°C-40°C
Storage temperature:-20°C-50°C
Safety protection:OVP ,ODP ,OCP ,SCP

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