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Smart LED desk lamp

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Smart LED desk lamp


Let the light shine! With this LED lamp you can read, write, study, relax and even sleep in the right light. Different color temperatures ensure the perfect mood for all activities.

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Product Description

Just use the easy touch button control to turn on the light and regulate its brightness. It has a 7 steps brightness control.
The lamp features various modes, it offers the perfect light for every situation. Its Reading Mode provides you with the right combination of cool and warm white light, a soft light ideal for reading and everyday activities. Select the Study Mode, if you want to prepare for a difficult exam or take on a challenging piece of work.
The Study Mode offers cool white light. Its short wavelength increases concentration. After such hard work it is important to have a break and relax. Choose the lamp’s Relaxation / Sleep Mode to help you cool down. The warm white light and its long wavelength improve stress relaxation. You can also set a sleep timer (30, 60 minutes turn off timer).
The LED lamp’s high Color Rendering Index (CRI above 90!) ensures a high quality light. It’s as close to sunlight as it can get. The lamp provides light that protects your eyes through anti-flicker and anti-glare protection. The lamp arm is adjustable. You can turn it 180 degrees, from left to right and 40 degrees up and down. It has a USB charging port (for smartphones, tablets, and other rechargeable devices) as well. With its Bluetooth dual speakers you can also use it as hands free kit. An FM radio enables you to listen to music.
And the best is yet to come: The LED lamp consumes 70% less power than traditional lamps.

– Use High CRI of above 90 Products.
– 3~4 color temperature modes (warm + cool white / cool white / warm white)
– 5~7 steps brightness control
– Convenient touch button control
– Patented Hiding-In Hinge style (Completed 6,000 times stress tests)
– Ergonomic design fitting varied place and uses.
– USB charging port for rechargeable devices.
– Low power consumption.

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